Monday, September 17, 2012

Back at Bay Landing

Can you believe my last post was in April and we were at Bay Landing in Bridgeport, Texas.  Well we are back here again.

A lot has happened since I last posted.  I don't know why, I just get away from posting and it is hard to start again.  I will regret it later when I want to know what I was doing these last 4 months.

Well we left Texas in April and headed straight home, and I do mean straight home.  I had a whole line up of places to stop along the way.  We like stopping at least one night and sometimes 2 nights at a time.  Ed's back was bothering him so he decided he wanted to get home as fast as possible.  So we would stop an hour or 2 and sleep and than get back on the road.  We made it home in 24 hours.

While we were in California, I think in February, I had a friend call and ask if we still wanted to sell the house.  Of course we did but our son was living there and we didn't want to tell him to leave.  So I called him and told him about the offer and he decided to move out so we could sell it.  (What a great son and daughter-in-law).  The friend wasn't positive she wanted the house so I told her we would talk about it when we got home.  So after some time she did decide to buy it.  So we spent May and June getting it ready for her.  We didn't use a realtor so we managed all the details between us. 

It was sort of a bitter-sweet selling the house.  We wanted to sell it but it was still a hard thing to do.  We had lived there 29 years, raised the kids and the grandkids.  It is going to seem strange coming home next year and not going back there.  But on the other hand, no more repairs, no more grass to cut, no pool to take care of and no more house payments.  Sometimes it still doesn't seem real.

Right before we left the house a mother duck with her babies crossed the road.
Ed had to go out and stop the traffic

Also while getting the house ready to sell we had 2 granddaughters graduating and we had their open houses at our house. Which I am really thankful that we were able to do that.

Our beautiful granddaughters
Kelsi and Calypso
Alicia and Vivian

Well from Elkhart, I had a family reunion in Georgia.  Ed stayed with the motor home in southern Indiana and Tracy and I drove on down to Georgia with Alicia and Vivian. (Tracy's daughters)
I think we were a little overpacked

Tracy, Vivian, Linda, Alicia
We had a great time

After the reunion we drove back up to Indiana and Tracy dropped me off and drove back to Elkhart.  Than we drove  to Virginia to visit Ed's sister. We were only going to be there one month. She insists that we stay at least that long. But during the month I had some dental problems and we ended up staying an extra month.  We took this picture one morning when we got to Carm's house.

tasting the flowers
Taken across the road from Ed's sister house

We left there Wednesday, Sept. 12 heading for Texas with almost 1150 miles to go.  The first night we stayed at a rest stop.  I don't like them but sometimes it is easier than trying to find a campground.  We like finding a place where we can pull through and not unhook the trailer.  So the next night we stayed at a campground just outside of Nashville, Tn.  Ed decided he wanted to rest up so we stayed 2 nights.  We usually try to only travel 250 or 300 miles a day.  We  ended up driving 400 miles but it was a little early to stop so we decided to go to the next rest stop which was another 80 miles.  When we got there it was full of truckers,  so we decided to try the next Walmart.  All in all we drove over 500 miles.   Actually Walmart doesn't have as much noise as the rest stops so I would rather stay there.  Ed likes the rest stops because they are right off the road.

So here we are back at Bay Landing in Texas.  The new thing we are going to try is gate guarding.  You have to have a level 2 security license, which we applied for when we were here in April.  When they sent them in,  our fingerprints were lost.  Somehow the envelope was torn open in the mail and everything showed up at the licensing facility but our fingerprints.  So we had to come back to Fort Worth to do the fingerprint thing again.  So we did that today and they asked us to go to San Antonio and they will call us.  There is another Thousand Trails in San Antonio, so that is where we are headed.

Some of the things you see when traveling.

Horses trying to get some fresh air

Everybody has their toys

beautiful sights

I will tell you about gate guarding and how we are doing in a future post. 

Happy Trails  from Ed and Lyn