Monday, April 13, 2015

4 Weeks left and Than Free Again

The last blog had us waiting for a gate.  Took us 3 weeks but we finally got one.  While we were waiting not much to do but we did take some short walks.  This is the area where they put you up.  It is free so we are not complaining.

our waiting place, look at the overhanging tree

Somebody wasn't watching

We were careful, so it wasn't us

Ed was surprised how this tree filled in the fork and
then it looks like a limb grew out of it.

our dog friends that met us on our walks

friendly neighbor

even though some of the neighborhood wasn't that nice, other places
had some really nice houses

another nice house

  We have been here 4 weeks.  Should have 4 weeks more to go.  Then we are heading to Virginia to meet up with the kids.  We will stay here until the gate ends but it looks like everything is coming together.  It has been a good gate.  Not real busy.

Ed hard at work, we have had some nice weather except
for lately

Our site,  We are southeast of San Antonio, Texas

This is what they call the facility, about 1/4 mile back
from us

This is where they are drilling.  Almost like a little
village.  They bring in mobile homes and some
of the guys live here.  Usually one or two weeks on
than they leave for one or two weeks and
another crew comes in.

in the distance you can see the rig

This is "the rig" sets over the place they are drilling

Spring is here and it is nice seeing the greenery and flowers.  Everything around here is brush but at least it is green and we do have some flowers.   We have had a lot of rain since we have been here but we are not sinking in the mud.  Hopefully when we get ready to leave it will be dry.

 I thought this one was very pretty
Also Texas has a lot of thorns.

Ed wanted to show you some of them

This picture is for Carm,  Ed's sister.  This is where he goes to
cut his branches.  He has to watch for the snakes.

"back scratcher material"


We have cows at this gate.  A couple of blogs back we had a coyote chew the cord on the sensor and than take off with it.  This time we had a cow chew on the cord.  They usually knock them down but this is the first time one has chewed it.

We have a whole heard this time.

Ed's solution for the cows.  Don't worry he didn't
hurt any of them.

Our mangled wires

Ed was able to fix them.  Last sensor we were able too.

He ended up putting the sensor in among the thorns.
So far it has worked

This one is suppose to be hidden.  He said it seems to be the
young ones that won't leave them alone.

And of course we have our little creatures like snakes, spiders and ants.  But so far no mice.

We have ants everywhere

We have fire ants

Mosaic ant hills

and of course big black spiders
We actually haven't seen any snakes but some of the workers have

And last but not least my bird in flight.
This is an Osprey, 

Happy Trails    Ed and Lyn