Friday, February 7, 2014

Enjoying the Sun in Yuma, Arizona

We had beautiful weather in Quartzsite, but the day we left it started getting windy.  The wind followed us on down to Yuma.  We are now camped about 20 miles west of Yuma, Arizona which puts us a little ways into California.  We are still boon docking on BLM land.  (BLM stands for bureau of land Management)  Some places you pay $40 for 2 weeks and other places you can stay for free.  You are only suppose to stay 14 days in the places that are free and than you are suppose to move 25 miles away. 

Wide open spaces, you drive around until
you see a place you want to park.

We have neighbors but they are quite a distance away.
There is such a peace out here.
We are staying  in a place called American Girl Mine Road.  We were told there is mining in the area  that's why we came here.  We saw what we thought was an active mine  and a bunch of private mines.   But now after a couple of days of seeing sand trucks go back there, I think they are mining rocks.  Are we slow or what. lol   We found evidence of small mines, but didn't find any one mining them.  We dug dirt in two different locations but haven't found any gold, not even a speck.  That is disappointing, but I guess that is the name of the game.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 
We found this hole where someone had dug it out. 
This was one of the places we dug but found
no gold.

This was something they had run dirt through

We found another hole, it was surrounded by barb wire.
This was the mine we found and decided it was a rock quarry.
This is where the wooden contraction was located.
After a hard day of digging you need a nap.  Notice I had taken off
the coat I had on in the picture below. 

We have really enjoyed riding the Ranger around the area.  Even though the temperature has been in the 60's and 70's when you are in the Ranger it is cold. 

Starting out in the morning it is cold, esp. in
the Ranger.
Some of the roads we traveled, a few places
they were almost washed away.

Another road around the mountain.

Even though it's not green grass and trees, it's still beautiful.

Looking down on the road where we had been.

Another shot looking down over the valley.  That's the wooden
thing in the picture above

I was checking out a big hole we saw from the trail.  Ed told me to be careful but since when do I listen.  I tripped and just couldn't get my balanced and down I went.  I hurt my wrist and knee and couldn't move.  Well actually I rolled over and then just laid  there.  Ed came  looking for me but first he had to take a picture.  Amazingly I wasn't hurt that bad.  I  had sore ribs for a few days but the rest of me was fine.

See the black in the top of the picture, that's
how close I came to the pit

Looking down into the pit, boy do I have an angel.
We haven't seen much wildlife, so it was a surprise to see
this hawk.  He even posed for me.
Arizona has beautiful sunsets.


Happy Trails   Ed and Lyn