Thursday, March 20, 2014

Carlsbad, New Mexico

We stayed at an Escapees park called The Ranch.   I called several parks closer to the caverns and they were $39 a night.   So even though it was  further away we decided to go with the Escapees park.   It was $14 a night but we decided to just dry camp since we were only going to stay 2 nights.    It's $5 a night and they gave us the first night free so it only cost us $5 for the 2 nights.  They have a big area for dry camping so we didn't have to unhook the trailer.

On the way to the caverns we saw a road up the side of the hill.  We decided to follow it just to see where it went.  It just kept going up and up.  Seemed like a long way but it was just a mile. 

This was coming back down the road

when we got to the top, there was an oil container
This was looking out over the valley

We got to the Park and it was almost 5 miles  back to the cavern. There were a few places to pull off for a scenic look but otherwise it's just a drive there.

Driving back to the Cavern

you can see there is not much here but hills and road
These were pretty, don't know if they had this color
or if it's just the camera

Still more of the road leading up to the cavern
Some of the pictures have a lot of color or it's looks like there are bright lights.  That's because I had to lighten the pictures with the computer because the pictures were so dark.  So it was actually a lot darker in the cave than it appears in the pictures. 

This was called the "totem pole"

one of the formations, there were so many

These are almost ready to meet
Stalagmite, Ed remembers this by "mighty strong
from the bottom up"


Ice Crystals, the colors were not there, that is the camera

Stalactite, Ed said he remembers this by " they have to be tight
to hang to the ceiling"

Looks like an ice cave
this was a fat one

thought you might like an illustration

This one still had water dripping on it, also had
a space under it

The place was big

We really enjoyed the Cavern.   It is just a big room with a walkway all the way around it.  It's the first one we have ever went in that we didn't have a tour guide.  So we were able to walk at our own pace.  There were places to sit down and rest or stop and take pictures.  The distance around was 1 and 1/2 miles.  There was a lower level that is still being explored but it is not open to the public. 

As you can see it's big, like being on another planet

There was so much to see, it was nice not having to stay
with a guide

So many different formations

One of the best caves we have been in
This goes down to the lower level, this is
the ladder that the explorer  used
to go down to that level

Not a very good picture but this is the way the people use to come
in to the cave and also leave the cave.  Now they have an elevator
and a very nice walk way

We were told when we got our ticket that the line at the elevators are very long in the evening, so the woman suggested we take the elevator down and walk out.  So not knowing the details we decided to do that.  Maybe we should have known since when you go in, you go down, thus the walk out would be up.  Duh!  The walk up was 1 and 1/4 mile and it was up.  As we were going up, people were coming down.  They were saying things like, "you still have a long way to go" and "we really admire you for deciding to walk out."   We had no idea what we were getting into.  If it hadn't been for the railing, which I used to pull myself up, I don't think I could have made it. 

Around and around we went

When we saw the light we thought we were close

We still had a long way to go, still more levels

We had heard about the flight of the bats in the evening.  But the bats are in Mexico at this time so we didn't get to see it.  When we got to the opening we thought we were seeing the bats but they are cave swallows. 

One of them found Ed

He was at the wrong place
people sit here to watch the bats come out of the cave
in the evening, called the
"flight of the bats"

Ed collapses
We were in the cave about 4 hours, walking about 3 miles.  You can see we took our time.  We had a good time and really enjoyed it. 

This is the cave

This is the big room

This shows the winding path coming out.

We are back at Medina Lake, a Thousand Trails park.  We have decided to gate guard a few months before we start heading back up north. 

Happy Trails    Ed and Lyn

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Did We See Any "Green Men" in Roswell?

Getting here we took Hwy. 70 off of I-10.  It says it's a scenic route.  At one point we reached an elevation of 7600 ft.  We were like the little engine that thought he could, "I think I can, I think I can."  We were doing good to hit 35mph.  Ed got behind a semi and lost his momentum and couldn't get it back.  But the road itself wasn't bad and there wasn't much traffic. 

We made it to the top and now the descent

Pictures never do it justice

very pretty

You can see the traffic is light

Even though it's not green, it still is pretty

After we got through the hills, it leveled out very flat

There was some vegetation, but not much

We found a Passport America RV park 7 miles outside of town and they had pull-through sites so we didn't have to unhook.  That is always nice.  Plus with PA you get 1/2 off.

In case you didn't know, back in 1947 Roswell was suppose to have had a space ship crash near it.  Than the government covered it up and said it was a hot air balloon.  But the town has been enjoying the publicity ever since.

Well, we saw lots of them, aliens that is.   They were everywhere.  On buildings, in buildings, and just about everywhere you looked downtown.  Sort of a fun place to visit, if you are passing through.  One day is enough for us.  We will be leaving tomorrow.  Ed has seen many programs on Roswell and it was a place he wanted to visit.  He thought the place was just a small town.  The population is almost 50.000.   There is a military academy and an airport here, which is probably two of the reasons it's so big.  Most of the alien stuff is in the downtown area but it also has the big stores like Home Depot, Sam's and most of your fast food places and of course a Walmart. 

This is the Walmart

And even Arby's is getting into the spirit

This is going out of town, just your normal big town

One way a town has kept their downtown from dying.  This happened back in 1947 and they are still making money off it. 

This is the downtown area, what surprised me was there
were no parking meters.  You could find parking
and it was free

This is the UFO museum

One of many stores downtown that is\all about alien's

So here goes some of the pictures of Roswell, esp. for those of you who are wondering what Roswell is all about. 

In a field coming into town,
You can't see it but the truck is giving the
space craft a jump or the space craft is
giving the truck a jump.

Ed had to climb over the fence to get in the action.
He wanted me to but I told him I wasn't going to
get arrested for trespassing.  lol
The woman is offering them a pie
A close up of the little guy holding ET

They have a map of Roswell

All kinds of stuff to buy. 
Magazines have kept the Roswell story alive and well

This was an  advertisement for a local lake

In the museum, the spaceship turns around and
lights up

local artist paintings

these were all in the museum

creative way to make a wreath

The Roswell Alien's all have  the same face

bakery getting in on the action

downtown Mexican restaurant

I thought these guys were cute
We took over 200 pictures.  It was hard deciding which ones to show you. 

Not everything in Roswell is alien. 

Our next stop is going to be the Carlsbad Caverns.  Roswell was for Ed and this one is for me.  We have been to other caverns and Ed's thinks "if you have seen one you have seen them all."  But I really like them and someone told me this one is worth going to. 

Happy Trails.  Love  Ed and Lyn