Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things To See In Quartzste

Ed has been out taking pictures like crazy.  So I am going to share some of them with you.  There are a lot of rocks here and people are very creative with them.

Sort of like "crop circles" only
with rocks
Someone has a lot of time on their hands

Not sure what this is suppose to be.
Then there are all the ways people camp here.  Some of them are very interesting.  We enjoy seeing all the different ways people camp.

Van camping

You see a lot of solar panels
I guess after he bought his vehicle,  all he could
afford was a ten

more tent camping

you see all different kinds of camping

I guess the cardboard is to keep the wind out

a bus

Some are here to stay a while

You see a lot of add on tents

We wondered if these were his and her Johns or maybe
a portable shower

This was downtown, quite an amazing rig

This was loaded in the back

There are also some very nice motor homes

There is a nudist camp here.  Ed was out riding around one morning and came upon it.  He saw one man out but he said he thought it would be rude to take his picture.  Than another time he took me over there to see the artwork on the ground and didn't tell me until later where we were at.  The one man we saw  had his clothes on.  I was thankful for that. haha 

There was a big circle, called the
magic circle and this plus the heart
below was in it

The guy we met said the magic circle had been there 18 years, and
at one time it was the mayor's camping place.

While everyone has been freezing we have had excellent weather her.  It's a little cool in the morning, but the days have been in the high 70's.  We have been loving it. 

We don't get to use the Ranger very often, so when we do, we really enjoy it.  We spent the whole day riding around.  These are the things we found.

large nest

up on top the hill

Just amazing driving around out here

This guy had been flying around and by the time we got
there he was already loaded up
mining hole

another mine, a lot of work stacking those rocks

I'm not quite sure how all these got here (or why)
The rock house is in the back, one side was cement.

The time it took to do all this, there was even an upper story

Stone house with the contents, amazing that
the stuff was still there, there was a sign asking
you not to remove anything.

This was in front of the stone house, there was a mound behind
it so I guess he was buried there
He lived here 40 years

Mining shack

home made john, I think they forgot the door

They had set up a regular camp

Proof that flowers do bloom in the desert.

Happy Trails.   Ed and Lyn

Friday, January 24, 2014

Here We Are at Quartzsite, Az

We are having a great time at Quartzsite.  We were here 2 years ago and met some great people and meeting even more this time.  There are some repeats but there are a lot of new ones.  More names to remember, and this old mind is having a hard time. 

This is our group this year

We have a professional photographer in our group, and she
does a great job getting us all together

We made a rush trip here from Texas and arrived here last Saturday.  We had some major electrical problems and lost all power on Christmas day.  The day after Christmas we left gate guarding.  We couldn't get the MH in a shop until Jan. 2, so we parked it at the shop and went to visit my sister, Thela, in Mission, Texas.  We were there for 2 weeks.  It was a stressful time but the motor home is fixed and we are back on the road.  We had a very nice time visiting with Thela and Dave.  They have retired to Mission and it is amazing what they have done to their place in just a short time.

There is a fence a the back of her property.  She is trying
to hide it.

Just a year ago there was hardly anything back here
Beautiful flowers

Thela and me

The length of the property. 

Front of the mobile home. 

This one is for my sister, Bonnie, She said she wanted to see the
mobile home.

We gather around a fire pit here at Quartzsite every evening.  So far we have just had great weather. 

our fire pit

When we start we are pretty close but as people keep
coming we have to move back farther and farther.

We had a swap meet.  Sort of like a yard sale but everything was free.   Everyone put out things they no longer wanted.  It was amazing how much stuff was put out, considering we all live in a small area and our storage is limited.  So there wouldn't be a mad rush for everything, sort of like Walmart on "black Friday" we drew numbers and you got to pick an item according to your number.  I was the 1st to go and I didn't even know what I wanted.  Decisions, decisions, something I hate.  haha, (anyone that knows me knows this to be true.)

Trying to decide what I wanted

We started out with 2 tables and kept adding more
and more.  Everyone was surprised how much we had.

We took a group out to do some gold digging and metal detecting.  The ground has so much iron, the detectors go off all the time.  Terry said his detector told him there was a quarter in the rock.  It didn't take us long to get discourage.  Ed hung in there the longest at digging dirt to bring back to the trailer to run through his sluice.  There are a couple of mines in the area where we were so it seems there must have been gold found there at one time.  So far we haven't found any.

We started out with a caravan

Ed is taking a break, Terry and I are watching

We are all taking a break

This is one of the mines we found.

There were 2 mines.  We were told there were dug in the 50's.  One of them
had a ladder going down in. 
Ed classifying his dirt.  Everyone wanted to see if
he found anything.  Too bad, he didn't.
On my birthday, someone got me a birthday cake with candles, and the group sang happy birthday to me.  That was nice.

I was surprised, been a long time since I had a cake.

Also one night we had something called a luminary.  They light it and the hot air takes it up. 

boys and their toys

They light it and up it goes.
I am going to end here and in a couple of days I will post some more pictures of Quartzsite.  The area is something else.  You can't appreciate it unless you are here.  We really enjoy our time here.  But a big part of that is because we enjoy hanging out with a great group of people. 

Happy Trails.  Ed and Lyn