Monday, April 11, 2016

2016 Has Started Out Good.

We left a gate  the first week in January and headed to Mission, Texas.  We planned on staying there a month so I could spend time with my sister, Thela.  There is not much to do in Mission. It's where the snow birds hang out in the winter.  So one day Thela and I decided to go to some local museum.  They were small but we enjoyed them.  We left the husbands at home.  Not something they wanted to do.

The rv park at Thela's has an orange grove.  We went out to
pick oranges.  The whole line of trees were bare except
2 trees at the end.  We picked quite a few.  When we
got home and cut them, found out they were grapefruit.
Neither one of us like grapefruit.  
Ed was impressed with this horseshoe,  Although this does go into
someone's house.  But you know Ed, he just had to have a
picture.  I'm glad they weren't around.

Quinta Mazatlan, adobe mansion plus
nature and birding center.  They had
trails but we didn't walk any.  It was
cold and rainy

beautiful building, developers wanted to
demolish it and put something else here

Was a residence at one time, can't imagine
it as a home but is was beautiful.

Can't imagine anyone tearing this down

we enjoyed the walk thru

I don't know if you can tell how uneven
the tiles are.  We stayed at a place here
in Mission that the bathroom was tiled like
this.  I thought it was just a bad job, guess it
was done this way on purpose.  lol
Thela, Linda

This was at the Texas Natural history museum
Small but we enjoyed it

Texas Natural history museum
Thela asked if I wanted to do this.  I thought we
both were going to do it, she opted out.  You
 were suppose to line the picture up with the
background,  We didn't quite do that.

This was the setting, well at least we got
part of the background in.

After Mission we headed over to Port Isabel, Texas for a month.  This move was so I could hang out with my other sister, Stella.  At least in Port Isabel, Ed could fish.  Plus we paid a little more to be on the canal, so we had a nice spot.

Ed relaxing and fishing.  Can't get any better than this.
Well it could, he could have caught some fish.  haha

This was in behind the Motor Home, nice dock.
There weren't any fish in canal.

This was on the opposite side, but this was how close
we were to the canal.

This is the beach on South Padre Island.

There was a bar just above this.  They had
live music, so people just came here to
hang out and listen to the music.

They had a kite festival, very nice.  Never been to
one before.  Amazing how many types of kites and
what people can do with them.

Was told this was brought all the way from China,  They are
going to scrap it out.  Sat and watch it one day for about an
hour.  The barges below were moving it back and forth,
but from what we could tell, it never went anywhere.

A month later we are heading back to San Antonio, Texas to gate guard.  They  said there was one other guard ahead of us, so  we thought we better head up that way.  We stay in J & G's yard when we are waiting for a gate, so it saves us money.  We were there for 2 weeks before we got a gate.  So we have been here since March 10th.  We are going on our 6th week and not sure when we will be released.

This is where we stay when we are in the "yard".  See the
overhanging tree limb.  Ed knows to watch for it, but there
was another one down a little ways he didn't know about.
He hit it coming in, took our our horn and cover over
the fan in the bathroom.  He had to duct tape the opening.
 Guess we will have them
fixed when we get to Elkhart.  

This has been one of our best gates.  They have a nice pad for us so we didn't have to deal with mud or getting stuck.  They started out fracking, which lasted about 8 days.  But they pipe in the water so all we had to deal with was sand trucks.  One of the things we thought was going to be horrible but it wasn't that bad.   They did a couple of other things and for the last week they have been taking out equipment.  This weekend we have been running about 20 vehicles a day.  We are spoiled.  They have one more well to frack but if they don't do it we will probably be released in a few days.  Just not sure.  That's just one thing about this job, you just don't know what you will be doing from day to day.  You just go with the flow.  Sometimes that is easy and sometimes not.

This is a buzzard, a really ugly bird but when
they soar, they are beautiful.
One of the two road runners that visit us every day.  They
throw the bugs up and catch them.  Thought it was neat I was
able to get this shot.

Was told they are very friendly birds.  One guy said he has a couple
in his back yard and they will jump up in his lap.    These aren't
quite that friendly, but they do get pretty close to us.

These are the scissor tail birds, about half the
size of the road runners.   They are really pretty.

This is our spot.  Just about perfect.  We did have to come
down a couple of dirt roads  to get here.  With the rain
one of the roads has a couple of deep ruts in it.  Hoping
we don't have any trouble when it comes time to leave.

Well, there is our life in the last 4 months.  We will be heading home to Indiana when this gate is done.

 Actually I feel blessed.  We were able to spend the winter in Texas away from the cold and the snow.  I was able to spend time with both sisters and we also made a little money.  Life is good.

Ed and Lyn