Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where Did Our Warm Weather Go?

We left the Palm Springs TT park a couple of days ago.  We went south about 50 miles.  So how come it is so cold?  We went from 75 to 80 degree weather to 60 degrees.  I just don’t understand how can we be further south and be so cold.  Plus yesterday it rained all day.  Oh well, when I look at Elkhart’s temperature and see it has a high of 42, I am still glad to be here.

I will have more pictures of the park later but these are a couple Ed took.  The park is built around a canal and there are geese and ducks everywhere.  I sat down on a bench and these 2 were on the other side.  They came across and started walking up to me.  I think they wanted fed.

Ed saw this t-shirt and asked if he could take a picture of it.

Ed says this is the way he feels
Before we left Palm Springs we wanted to visit Mount San Jacinto State Park.


The neat thing about this was we had to take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to get there.  The video we saw said this is the 8th wonder of the the world.  It has  the “world’s largest rotating tram cars.”  It is a 10 minute, 2 1/2 mile trip and it starts at an elevation of 2,643 feet and takes you  to an elevation of 8,516 feet.   The cost with our senior discount was $21 each and considering we are in California and everything is expensive, I didn’t think this was a bad price.

looking up you will see another platform, it was almost like
being on a Disney ride

This is in the tram looking back at the station

As one tram goes down it pulls the other tram up

When you get to the top you are in an Alpine wilderness with a couple feet of snow.  Kids were sledding and building snowmen.

Looks like I was playing in the snow
I knew it was going to be colder so we took jackets and I took gloves. They said to expect it to be about 30 degrees colder but some people must not have known that.  They were in shorts and flip flops.

They said the kids weren't cold
From here was a look out point.  It was about 1 mile to get here.  It was a little bit of an ascent plus trudging through the snow to get here.  I was a huffing and a puffing, but I made it.

The view was fantastic
The views going up and coming down were great. Inside the tram the floor rotates.  The bad thing is the rail you are hanging onto doesn't.  So you have to let go.  Going up there was this guy that was leaning on me the whole way.  The Tram holds 80 people, and they really pack you in there.  That was one of the things I didn't like.  Going up we were on the outer edge but coming down we were on the inside.  When we were coming down I couldn’t see much  because there were people in front of me.

They really pack you in
On our way to the Tramway we went by these windmills.  They always fascinate me.  If you look in the second picture you will see 2 trucks.  Just shows you how big they are.

When you see them there are always so many
This was just one section

These things are gigantic
Notice the trucks at the bottom
For all of you that have teenagers, Ed took this picture for you.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where Does The Time Go?

We have been at the Palm Springs Thousand Trails Park for 2 weeks and haven't done anything.  When we got here the weather was so nice, it just made us both lazy.  Usually one of us is ready to get up and go, but for some reason neither of us have had any ambition to do anything.  But it has been nice to just hang out.

After being at Quartzsite for a month, the rv was really dirty so Ed spent a day washing it down.  That meant he had to get up on top to wash the top off.  I cleaned the inside while he was cleaning the outside.

I think Ed has the harder job

Look at all the palm trees

We are really packed in here

As I mentioned in my last blog, we are packed in here pretty tight.  Ed took some pictures when he was up on top of the motor home.  We are tight.  The place stays full.  There are probably 4 or 5 empty spots.

I took part in casino night here at the park.  It is the one fund raiser they do here.  I had volunteered to be a relief dealer for blackjack, but one of the dealers didn't show up so I became the regular dealer.  It was fun.   Ed sat at my table and I took all his money.  At least is was for a good cause.  They donate the money to a children's ministry.

We met one couple here that travel with 4 kids.  They traveled the first year and a half in a pop-up trailer. That brought memories of when we first started.  Our first 3 months was in a pop-up.  Ed always jokes that I took everything but the blender.  I hate it when he does that but I have to admit that I took way too much.    We were so ready to get in to something bigger.  I can't imagine doing it with 4 other people.  We were crowded with just the two of us. 

I really did take way too much stuff

I probably shouldn't show these pictures but I just couldn't keep things organized

Ed had to climb up on top so we could latch it down

Ed has took up a new hobby.  He has a scorpion for a pet.  He bought a little aquarium about 2 months ago and has been looking for a scorpion since then.  Well he finally found one.   I am not  for it but then does he listen to me, obviously not.  lol   I told him it better not get out. 

He put the quarter in there to show you the size

He plans on feeding it crickets but he had 2 smaller
scorpions in there and it ate them
This is the aquarium he bought for it

Ed is still playing with the ants
Look at this ant hole

He does this for the benefit of his sister
She had a fit about him getting into the fire ants

Here is another car that Ed has taken a picture of.  He is always fascinated with the cars we see when we are driving around.

This was a pretty one

Here is another thing we find interesting.  It is the green trees. 

So this is how it goes with life on the road, sometimes we just don't do anything but just live life as you do.  Only we get to do it in sunny California.  Life Is Good.

HAPPY TRAILS.    Love  Ed and Lyn

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Last day at Quartzsite and heading to California

This was parked outside the gas station when we went to fill up with gas.  It is something carried over from the "60's".

I thought it was unique
We decided to take the Ranger one more time out in the desert.  We went to where Ed had been digging for gold.    You are suppose to put your name and date on something and then you have 14 days to dig there.  Most people use a stick but Ed didn't have one so this is what he used. 

This is the way most people mark their claim

This is the way Ed marks his,  (only Ed)
We took a little walk and found this old rv refrigerator in a wash.  A  wash is  a dry bed where the water has run down from the mountain. 
Makes you wonder how it got there
We found another hole where someone had dug.  It was solid rock inside. As you can see we were bundled up.  It wasn't that cold but on the Ranger with no windshield it does get cold. 

This would have taken some digging
We could see a road further out up the mountain, and Ed wanted to go check it out.  So we decided to go for it.  We were about 8 miles out from the campsite and he thought this was probably only a few more miles.  I figured it was a lot further than he thought.  And it was.  I bet it was another 8 to 10 miles. 

You can see the white out a ways, that was the road we followed up the mountain

Some of it was a little tough going
The view was fantastic

You can't tell but it was a sharp drop off on the side of the road

At the top someone had put a memorial, I wonder if maybe they had his ashes here

So we left Quartzsite this morning, heading west on I-10.  We only had to travel 128 miles, so it was going to be an easy day.  As we left Arizona and entered  California you couldn't tell any difference.  Looked pretty much the same except there weren't any cactus.   As we got further away from Arizona we did start seeing some palm trees.    There wasn't much traffic which is always nice.  At one point Ed says you are missing the scenery because I was on the computer.  I said "what scenery, it never changes". 

looked like they were growing something, you don't see much
of that out here

A little more green than we saw in Arizona

We are at a Thousand Trails rv park.  It says they have 397 sites.  Boy, are we packed in here and it is full.  I think we saw 4 or 5 empty sites.  There are palm trees everywhere, so before we set up we checked to see if we could get a satellite signal.  I bet we messed with it for 2 hours before we finally got the signal.  So by the time we were done and Ed had hooked up the rv we needed a nap.

Our neighbor feeds a couple of road runners peanuts so they have become very friendly with him. 

Bye for now.   Ed and Lyn