Monday, June 17, 2013

Places Where We Have Been Hanging Out

It's nice when you have friends and family that have places you can park.  I have a niece that lives south of Atlanta, Georgia and we were heading that direction.  She said we could park at her place.  Ed is always a little concerned about us getting in and out because of our size.  We had to trim some trees but we manage to park there.  We camped there without hookups but it was a very nice place to park.  And the bonus was my sister Inez was there and we were able to visit the whole week we were there.

We drove around Amy's house and parked
down here by the basement, which
made it nice to go in and out of the house

We were able to leave the trailer hooked up,
and when we left we were able to pull
straight out.  That's where we had to trim
the trees.

They have a civil war path behind their house so we took my great niece, Leara,  out to explore with our metal detector.  Everything we found she was sure it was a treasure.  She would say "it's old so it must be worth a lot of money."  We had a good time but this is what we found.

Leara and her treasures

We had taken the leg off of the table and than she
talked me into dragging the whole table back.

From there we headed up to Cleveland, Ga.  There we stayed at a very nice Coast to Coast campground.  That's where we did our zip line but we also went to one of those places where you pay to go through buckets of dirt with gold in it.  We wanted to go dig for some gold but the place was over 130 miles away, so we figured we might as well pay for some buckets of dirt and save the gas money.

Ed panning for gold

This is what we found

We left Georgia and headed to Ed's sister, Carm, who lives in Virginia.  She has a friend who has some land in the Shenandoah Valley.  He had told us when we came there we could park at his place.  It was beautiful.  He had hook-ups but because of our size we couldn't get down to where they were.  So we just boon-docked there also. 

Parked in the Shenandoah Valley

It was beautiful

What a place to stay

When we left Virginia, we planned on stopping in Beckly W. Virginia, and taking a side trip down to Ed's home town of Berwind, W.V.  We broke down about 10 miles outside of Beckly and had to be towed into town.  So for 3 days we sat outside the repair shop.  The first night we decided to get a hotel room.  We had lost our water and we both needed showers and it just sounded like a good thing to do. 

We had lost the bracket on the turbo and it had come lose.  Ed was trying to limp into town and than the losing air light came on.  He stopped again but decided to keep going.  During this time the buzzer is going off saying we are losing air and it's overheating so he stops again.  This time we have lost our brakes.  I said it's time to call the toll truck.  He finally agreed with me.  Wow, can you believe it, it only took losing the brakes.  Than when the toll truck comes, he asked Ed to put the jacks down to take the motor home up a little so he can hook up and we lose our hydraulic fluid.  But at least the jacks went back up.  We were getting to the place of "what else".

This was parked next to us at the repair shop.  They had just brought it in the day before.  It was hauling some classic cars.  Not sure where the cars were.

Parked next to us in Beckley, W. Va

At least all we did was break down,  Considering we
lost our brakes, it could have been worse.
We were planning on heading down to Berwind so we decided to leave the unit there and head on down.  We also found out while there that the campground we were planning on staying at wouldn't have fit us anyway.   I had asked when I made the reservation and the woman there had said they would find a place for the trailer.   It would have been tight just for the mh but there was no place for the trailer.  If we had made it there, I don't know what we would have done.

So on we go to Ed's home town.

Where Ed grew up, this is the road in front of his house

This is the house where Ed grew up and they have added
to it, so it's a little larger

looking out over the valley
Ed's old high school,  shut down and
boarded up, with plans
to be torn down

Some of the bridges and very narrow roads,
you honk when coming around

the post office, still being used

Some houses are just abandoned

It makes it bad on the neighbors

We stopped over in Ohio and ended up here
You never know when you might end up
at a hoe down

this was hanging on the wall, I didn't know they had
Amish here

Now we are back in Elkhart, Indiana.  We are actually staying in Bristol.  Our son's in-laws have some property and they said we could stay there.  They have a cement slab that had a mobile home on it at one time.  We have complete hook-ups and they have said we can stay here anytime we are in town.  How nice is that?

Where we will be parked for a while
And right now we are sitting in the back of a Cummins repair shop in Elkhart.  We have to get the exhaust fixed and we wanted to replace the tail pipe.  We also found out when the bracket broke on the turbo, the heat burned the wiring and we have to have that fixed.  The place has such a nice place to stay behind their business.  They have electric and if you need it they have water and a dumping place.  They do bumper to bumper service and so far we have been pleased with their service and would definitely come back.

Parked while we are having motor home
worked on. 

Happy Trails   Ed and Lyn

Jeremiah 29:11-13   For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.  And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search  for me with all your heart.