Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Weeks of Doing Nothing

We came to Texas to work for the winter.  We were really busy the very first day.  A little traffic on the 2nd and 3rd day, after that nothing.  Oh, on some days we might have a few trucks but some days nothing. Than we also deal with  lost truckers and the rancher entering or leaving.  So we are getting paid just to set here.

So what do you do all day when there is nothing to do?  I could clean the RV, but that's no fun. lol

I play games on the computer and  i-pad and read forums.   I am getting really good at Bejeweled. lol  Of course any one that knows Ed, knows he has to be doing something.  He has explored the area, which I have showed you some of him pictures and he has been working on the Ranger. He also is doing some walking.  He said he is finding he really likes taking pictures of nature.

At one time we had butterflies everywhere
but we don't have any birds

It looks like it lost a good portion of it's wing

The butterflies are all gone at this time

Walking stick & Praying Mantis
Did you see the Mantis?

Look at the differance in size

Ed says this is a grasshopper, but I never saw one with so much color
Did you notice he is missing a leg?

catus behind our place

We are still dealing with the mice.  We are up to 13 and still counting.  Since we have caught the one that was avoiding the traps, the new ones don't seem as smart.  They get caught regularly.  Every couple of days we are catching a new one.  We have so many traps set , Ed had one get caught in 2 traps.  He said he had one leg in one and another leg in the other.  He still had to take it out and finish killing it.  ugh!   So Ed gets creative and makes me a mouse tomahawk.

Ed found the rock in Florida and has been waiting to do
something with it

It actually turned out nice,
but I hope he doesn't expect me to use it.

Since we were told mice don't like moth balls, this is what Ed did.
Looks like we had a hail storm under the RV

Plus we have decon under there
We are going to keep those mice at bay!

We still have the cows coming around.  I guess they like our company.  We were surprised when this one climbed the hill.  Ed said he was camera shy because he ran off when Ed took his picture.

This is the hill he climbed

King of the hill
Running away when Ed took his picture

Even though Halloween is past,  Ed took this picture at our local Ace store.

Ed's Halloween fairy
This is our Ace store and boy is it packed

This is the local vegetation.  Every thing has thorns or burrs and Ed finds them all. 

The thorns are big

Thorns everywhere

This is what he gets when he goes walking.
Of course, he tracks them in and I have to pull them
out of the carpet.

So why does he go walking in sandals?
These burrs are really sharp

We have a trailer in the back that holds a generator and a water tank.  Ed was checking the water and slipped and fell.  Thank God he wasn't hurt.  He is just now getting over the problem with his back that developed earlier this year so he really didn't need this.  It's so amazing he wasn't hurt. I think he has an angel.   So here is Ed's reenactment of that event.

This is how we get our water and electricity

Ed was checking our water level

His feet slipped and the next thing he knows he is on
the ground looking up

Second day after and he is doing fine. 

Happy Trails!!!   Ed and Lyn

1 Timothy 2:1  Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and givng of thanks be made for all men, (2) for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.  

We need to pray for our leaders.